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Bluehost is a very well known name in the Web Hosting industry today. They started their operations way back in 1996 and have since then emerged as the front-runners in hosting space. enjoys the reputation of providing  a great, fast & trustworthy web hosting service. They are currently serving around 2 millions domains and are the preferred hosting provider amongst individual bloggers, seasoned web developers, small businesses, and large enterprises alike. This Bluehost Review of ours delves into some of the reasons that makes Bluehost hosting so strong and superior when compared to the competition. Any questions that you might have for Bluehost web hosting, you’ll find answers to all of them here in this Bluehost hosting review.

What is the best Bluehost discount price?

The regular price for Bluehost hosting package for 1, 2 or 3 years period is $6.95. But special discounted prices of $3.95 for 2 years or 3 years and $4.95 for 1 year are available. This special Bluehost 3.95 coupon is provided on our website. It can be activated by clicking on this image link below or else you may be required to pay $1 to $2 extra subject to which discount pricing you might have activated before. When you buy Bluehost hosting plan using this link, there will be no need to enter any coupon code during the sign-up process. Similar discount offer is also available here – Bluehost Coupon Code

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Is Bluehost web hosting WordPress friendly?

Bluehost has been listed as a recommended hosting company on since the year 2005. Bluehost allows you to install WordPress with a single click of a button.

These days Open source software like Joomla, Drupal etc. have also earned a lot of popularity with web developers. With Bluehost you obtain several of these important products as one-click installations as a part of your hosting account.

What are the key features of Bluehost Hosting plan?

Bluehost hosting plan is quite feature-rich. It’s actually nearly impossible to find a hosting provider that provides more and better capabilities than Bluehost. With Bluehost you get just about everything that you would need to build and launch a website. Lets look at some of the key features.

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Unlimited Hosting

Bluehost web hosting plan comes with unlimited storage capacity and unlimited bandwidth, so you obtain all the storage space that your website may require. Unlimited number of add-on and parked domains can be added. You also get the ability to host multiple websites within the same account and at no extra cost.

Website Builders

The design and development of your website becomes a breeze with the numerous website builder options that come with Bluehost web hosting. There are hundreds and thousands of web themes and templates available to choose from. Several software applications are available like Zazavi, Soholaunch, Concrete5 andTrendy Site Builder. Also several world-class CMS are supported like, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.


Bluehost’s web hosting accounts are available with dependable, and convenient email options. You get the ability to create unique domain specific email addresses. These may be used as webmail or within an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird. Each email account is safe and secure and esy-to-use. Other important email options that you get are mail forwarding, mailing lists and anti-SPAM options.

CGI and Databases

Bluehost provides support for an unlimited number of databases on each hosting account. Several tools like phpMyAdmin are available to manage your databases – MySQL and PostgreSQL. There is also a CGI Center for folks who want higher degree of control over their websites.

Website Scripts

With BlueHost, the customers get the ability to install more than 80 free scripts instantly with hardly a few mouse clicks. With these SimpleScripts, installation of website scripts becomes extremely simple job. Several possibilities with SimpleScripts include set up of Blogs, Classifieds, Client Management Tools, Content Management Systems, Shopping Carts, Education Tools like Moodle, Forms and Surveys, Forums, Guestbooks, Help Center, Mailing Lists, Photo Galleries, Project Management, Social Networking, Statistics, Utilities, Website Builders, Wiki etc.


Several well-known online shopping cart software are integrated with Bluehost web hosting plan. Some of these include – Magento, osCommerce, CubeCart and Zen Cart.

Control Panel

Bluehost provides the most popular cPanel control panel. These days quite a number of hosting providers are offering cPanel, but the reason why Bluehost is distinct from others is because they have customized their cPanel and assembled related tools together to make things simpler for developers.

How does Bluehost fare with regards to Technology?

Bluehost makes use of the most modern and up-to-date in server and server room technology that together guarantee best up-time and ensure that the speed of customers’ websites isn’t sacrificed. They maintain their private datacenters, build their own servers, and also maintain countrywide high speed fiber connections network. They employ several UPS power and diesel generators to provide power backup to their servers. Additionally, they have a team of skilled staff who monitor the system all round the lock to provide perfect service at all times. In a nutshell, they take care of every facet of their web hosting so well that you can rest assured about it.

Does Bluehost offer Money Back Guarantee? offers Anytime Money Back Guarantee. In fact, Bluehost is the first hosting company to allow its customers the ability to demand for a refund whenever they wish.

The key points about Bluehost Anytime Cash Back Assurance are:

  • If you cancel your account in the initial three days, you can demand a complete refund of what you paid up.
  • If you cancel your account after the initial three days but within the first thirty days, all fees except the cost of domain registration (around $11) would be refunded.
  • If you cancel your account after the first thirty days time period, you become entitled to a fee refund on a pro-rated basis excluding domain registration charge (around $11) and a setup fee of $30.

Is Bluehost Reliable?

All Bluehost subscribers get a 99.9% up-time assurance with their hosting plan. Bluehost has built a remarkable networks system to be able to promise this kind of great up-time percentage.  Though the likelihood of any factor outside the control of Bluehost cannot be completely ruled out, but luckily this is not a regular occurrence. You will find upgrades and routine maintenance downtime but these do not have much effect on the total average up-time statistics of the company.

How good is Bluehost Customer Support?

Bluehost proudly provides the customers with award-winning customer support. Bluehost’s staff is highly skilled, warm and friendly and committed. Bluehost hosting comes with a help-desk with quite informative and valuable training guides and videos that assist you with all facets of website hosting.  As a customer, you could possibly look for help from their extensive on-line knowledge base. Folks who want to contact them personally, can do so via email or live chat support or toll-free telephone call. All of their staff is 100% in house who hndle all requests in a very professional and timely fashion and put their best foot forward to resolve customer issues.

Is Bluehost better than Hostmonster?

Both hosting providers Bluehost and Hostmonster are actually owned by the same company. Thus, both of them present similar hosting plans & features, provide nearly same customer support and offer similar price structure as well. Frankly speaking, there isn’t much difference between the two so it really does not matter whether you choose Bluehost or Hostmonster. Going purely by the numbers though, Bluehost sells more than Hostmonster does. offers a special hosting price of just $3.49 per month with their Hostmonster Coupon Code, which is exactly same as $3.49 price of best Bluehost hosting plan available in the market.

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